Whole Home Audio

It's time to get control of your music


Kole Digital makes it easy. Enjoy songs from your iPad or iTunes file,  any of several premium music websites (like Pandora, Spotify and Tune In), or your CDs and iTunes ripped in our Big Sky Media Manager. View your music in any of a number of ways: from each keypad, on any TV screen, or from our customized app on your iPad. It's one more way we've made technology groove!


And listen to them outside through the finest outdoor rock and planter speakers. We install them with burial cable for years of trouble-free operation. And we include outdoor subwoofers as part of our design- and speakers that look like flower boxes...and hanging coconuts. It's time to take the entertainment outdoors!


Dock an iPad in the kitchen and see its contents on every keypad (and touchscreen) in the home. Listen to am/fm on the deck while your wife listens to XM in the Exercise Room and your kids stream any one of thousands of internet radio stations in the play room. Each of our keypads will display up to 6 lines of text. And our Big Sky Media Manager will stream up to 16 songs at once. And you can access your music on every computer with our custom app.


Invisible Inwall Speakers

Kole Digital has truly hidden speakers that need to be heard to be believed- inwall transducers that are mudded and taped right into the wall- you can not find once we have installed them. And stereo inwall subwoofers round out the system. Wallpaper or faux finish over them with confidence. They're the perfect solution for formal rooms like the Living Room, Dining Room and Foyer. Hear them in our Design Center today!

Wireless Speakers

Like the Big Sky Media Manager, wireless speakers allow you and your family to use your smart phone or iPad to select any premium music site such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Sirius XM or Tune In. Or access all of your own music files and create custom playlists. You can even transmit audio and adjust volume directly from your smart phone or computer.


If Dad is grilling for guests or Mom is gardening outside, they can move their Wi-Fi speaker to wherever there is an electrical outlet - indoors or out! 


Visit our Design Center to experience our incredible wireless speaker lines such as Paradigm PW Play-Fi, Sonos, and Denon Heos. We have many models on sale and available to take home today!