Audio Video Equipment

Your home theater will only perform as well as the components we install. We have curated a collection of the finest audio-video components available today, and only use products that interface well with each other.


We start with 4K projectors (those with a video chip that produce a whopping 8 million pixels). these models from Sony, SIM2 among others, use a laser light source, which provides you with tens of thousands of hours of usefulness, without the need to purchase expensive and delicate light bulbs.  These laser projectors turn on quickly, run cooler (with lower fan noise), and are brighter than earlier technologies. This is the first year that Sone has an all-laser product line. They are fully invested in laser technology, and are able to eke out the most vivid colors (including HDR- High Dynamic Range) from these models. And they employee mulit-part glass lenses for superior optics.


We use fixed and motorized screens with a coating process that yields the highest definition and color rendering. These models from Draper, Stewart and Dragonfly are among the bext available today- and we offer each in an acoustically transparent model, so the front speakers can be hidden behind the screen.


As sound engineers and musicians, we have a passion for great sound. Our product line features THX-certified tower and inwall loudspeakers from Paradigm, Bowers & Wilkins, Monitor Audio, Defitive Technology, James and more. Several of our manufacturers produce models for us that are designed to be located behind a screen.

Receiver and Preamps

The receiver is the brain of the system, seemlessly switching between different AV sources at the touch of a button. We feature the entire ES (Elevated Standard) product line by Sony, plus the premium models from Anthem, Marantz, along with a select few boutique models.


Our high-performance home theaters feature separate channels of amplification, using multi-channel models by Anthem, QSC and Crown.


Our subwoofers are manufactured by Paradigm, Bowers and Wilkins, and Monitor Audio. Several of the Paradigm models contain ARC (Anthem Room Correction) which employs a microphone to listen to the room and remove trouble frequencies for a smooth, flat frequency response across the entire audible range of the subwoofer. In addition, they feature app control with EQ (equalization) so you can tweak the sound on the fly.