Central Vacuum

It's one more way to we've made your home easier and more enjoyable!
Since day one, we have offered central vacuum systems to our clients.

We even use one to maintain our own showroom, and we install more of them than any other AV company in Chicago. 


Because of the size and design of the cyclonic motor unit, our system has more suction than a portable vacuum can provide. It can be used on all floor surfaces and used regularly instead of sweeping, where more time is spent pushing piles together then getting the job done.

We will install inlets throughout your new or existing home, and pipe them together to the motor unit, which may be located in the garage or basement. Add a VacPan in the toe-kick of the kitchen island or base trim in the mudroom or bathroom, for daily sweeping without having to bend over.


Bagless Design 

With a bagless design, gone are the messy bags that cut the power in half when they're half-filled. And the muffled and insulated Serenity motor unit means it will be quieter than any competitor's model when it's on.


The Ideal Solution for Allergies

With our integrated HEPA filter, tiny dust particles are captured in the remotely located unit's fine particle filter, rather than being tossed back into the air, as portable vacuums do.


Attachments for all Applications

We will provide you with a 30' hose, an electric beater (no cheap turbo-driven units here), and an assortment of attachments for cleaning all floors, steps, corners, and window blinds, cobwebs in corners of the ceiling and more. We also have an optional garage hose and car-care kit that can stay in the garage for vacuuming the cars and workbench.  And a VacSoc accessory keeps the hose clean and protects your wood floors and base trim. A single zipper removes it from the hose so it can be cleaned in the washing machine and reused.