Living in a Smart Home

A day in the life... of your smart home
You're fast asleep, but your home is already awake


The coffee maker and water heater have turned on, the temperature setback has reversed.


You awake to your favorite music (piping through the house music system), and the smell of coffee. The window treatments open to light your room and warm your living environment. There's no need for slippers because the floor tile heating system was up before you were.


You're dressing for work, when the music mutes as your home announces a visitor. A glance at the TV in your bedroom lets you know that it's the UPS driver. You speak with him via the intercom built into your personal touchscreen and ask him to leave the package inside the garage. You press a button on the phone to open the garage door. You glance at the touch screen.. 68 degrees outside.


In the kitchen, you check your iPad to see your appointments for the day. You answer some email and glance at the day's headlines. A touch of the home control app turns on the pool filter. Another page lets you see what time your teenagers came home last night.


At midday, the hot water heater and AC unit have set themselves back. Because it's raining, the windows that were left open, close and the pool filter turns off.


Driving home, a touch of a button on your smart phone starts a sequence of events. Before you arrive, the lights come up to eye pleasing levels, the drapes close, the fireplace is ignited, and a hot bath is drawn.


You arrive to a warm, cozy home. A button on your key fob deactivates the alarm system. Another opens the garage. A third unlocks your side door. As you walk in, a voice announces that you have two messages. You ask your touch screen to display the numbers of your favorite takeout restaurants and a recipe for artichoke dip. The touch screen displays the song titles in your Big Sky Media Management System and you select one for dinner and assign it to the dining room.


It's movie time: your family gathers in the media room and by simply pressing a button marked "MOVIE TIME", lights dim, TV, blu ray, and amp all turn on and a movie begins. 9-channel Surround Sound fills the room, with subwoofers - you are there!


Time for bed - as you sleepily make your way to the bedroom, you smile to yourself comforted by the convenience and security that your smart home delivers. You used to tread your way through the home turning off all of the lights, closing blinds and setting back the thermostats. Now you simply press one switch and all of this is taken care of. The security system arms and music emanates from the in wall speakers. As you sleep, your smart home continues to work for you.


Home Automation
A Truly Integrated Smart Home

Kole Digital was one of the first companies to specialize in home automation- and our years of experience in control allow us to offer the tao of home control: a truly integrated Smart Home.


We seamlessly integrate...

  •   Interior and exterior lighting
      (plus landscape and holiday lighting)
  •   Climate, ceiling fans, fireplaces, weather
  •   Window shades, blinds and draperies
  •   All media (music, movies and photos)
  •   Pool and spa
  •   Internet
  •   Energy management
  •   Coffee maker, floor heating, and more!








All of this is controlled by portable or inwall touchscreens, or your smart phone or iPad.  And it's controlled by our astronomical clock, which knows what time the sun rises and sets where you live, every day for the next 100 years. And we can make programming changes and monitor your systems from our office, which keeps maintenance costs down.


Come into our showroom and see what Smart Living is all about!