Unique Applications

In 25 years of business, I guess we have seen a lot. We have been asked to pimp a touring coach bus, several yachts, and we have installed sound systems in some demanding situations.


Take Providence High School in New Lenox, IL- we installed the professional sound system used on their baseball field. The sound system used by the marching band when they perform at various fields was designed by us.

During Covid, they asked us to install cameras in 50 classrooms to aid in the split class programs they were able to do.

We also added HDMI video jacks throughout their gymnasiums so their camera operators can plug in easily without running wires during events. And we recently  updated their audio/video control system in their lunch room/annex. It is now controlled by a single inwall touch screen that we installed and programmed. These are just a few examples of how we are called on to solve problems.