Acoustics & Sound

It's all about optimal sound quality!


Sound is our passion! Led by our owner, Rob, who is a degreed acoustic engineer and musician, we use acoustic measuring tools and software to predict how a space will perform acoustically, before it is even built. Have you ever been in a restaurant that you couldn't hear the person talking in front of you because it is so loud? Or a church or meeting room that was so reverberant, you couldn't undertand what the presenter was saying? We have. We are brought into spaces like this and tasked with "fixing" the problems after the fact. Of course it is easier to design the space for optimal acoustics from the start.


Kole Digital manufacturers a complete line of acoustic panels in our own factory in Mokena, IL. These panels come in any size up to 8' long x 4' wide. They are available in 1" (2" thicknesses by special order), and wrapped in your choice of over 400 acoustically transparent fabrics. They are mounted on walls, on ceilings, inset into cabinet and millwork, or in wood frames. These frames are available in several profiles, and stained or painted in your choice of finish. Besides rectangle and square shapes, these panels can be custom cut into any shape.  


In addition to acoustic absorption panels, Kole Digital also manufacturers bass traps (for installation in corners to reduce unwanted bass boom in a room) and sonic diffusers. Diffusers are all wood construction, in your choice of size and finish, and break up unwanted echos or "slapbacks" in a room without sucking all the life out of a room. These are used most often on the back wall of media rooms, recording studios and listening rooms.


Let us design your space for optimal acoustics, and provide a sound system that will sound great and be easy to use.