Climate Control

View and adjust the temperature from anywhere!
Climate Control made easy!


Many homes these days have three or more thermostats, and getting in control of them (and your energy costs) is frustrating. Kole Digital replaces these ancient wall units with sleek backlit LCD controls, allowing you to see the temperature of each area of the home displayed on your portable or inwall touchscreen, or your smart phone or iPad. And that's not all. You can see the thermostat mode, heat and cool setback settings, fan mode, and programmed events, and make changes on the fly.


If you are the last one out the door in the morning, a touch of a button marked "Leave" turns off any lights or audio zones that are on, and sets each climate zone back several degrees to conserve energy and save you money. And at the current enery costs, these are real dollars that affect your bill! When you come home, touch "Arrive" and the climate will reset and the lights will light your path top the kitchen as you walk through the house with your arms full of groceries.


If the kids are chilly, simply raise the temperature in their rooms at the touch screen in the kitchen- no need to walk upstairs. When you are ready for bed, touch a "Bedtime" button at the bottom of the stairs and it will light a path to bed for you, while turning off all of the other lights and setting the climate zones back until 6am, when it will reverse the setback.  


Climate Control made easy!