CAD Design



We employ the latest CAD technology to craft unique solutions and stunning finished products. We offer the following design services for your new or retrofit project:


We are idea generators! Using cutting edge CAD design software and years of experience designing creative interior spaces, we will come up with a design plan that is well thought out, and meets your needs.


Home Theater Design 

We have designed over 400 home theaters. With a passion for architecture, we have designed award-winning home cinemas around historic periods (Renaissance, Art Deco, contemporary), geographical locales (Greek, French Provincial, Mediterranean, southwest, tropical), and themes (Hollywood, movies, music, fine arts, and sports). Our finished plans include dimensions, sightlines, framing, lighting, electrical, insulation, HVAC, and fabric/color selection.
We inject our creative ideas into every project- a basement, home theater or media room; a restaurant or meeting space- each one has our signature on it.