Acoustic Panels

We manufacture our own unique line of acoustic panels

Think an orchestra sounds good performing in a gymnasium? Of course not. Too many echoes and too much reverb (due to all of the hard surfaces) detract from the performance. The same physics applies to home theaters.


We manufacture our own unique line of acoustic panels for home theaters, media rooms, conference rooms, churches, or any space requiring better acoustics. Each absorptive panel is made to order in our facility, custom-sized with your choice of edge treatment, and wrapped in your choice of over 400 acoustically transparent designer fabrics.


The absorptive panels come in 1" and 2" thicknesses, can be framed in wood or metal, and can even conceal speakers. When installed, they reduce the reverberation in the room by attenuating the sound at across all frequencies. Combined with other acoustic components, like bass traps and diffusers, they are used to create a living environment that sounds as good as it looks. Our background in acoustics is extensive, and it shows. Come in and see how much better a sound system performs in a perfectly tuned room.